A strong logo design takes time. Creating a logo that truly reflects your business is a team effort. It’s a combination of your input along with the creative ability of our designer to form the perfect visual representation of your company. The better we get to know you - your values, your market, your goals - the better the results will be.

The process requires information and research to fuel and guide the creativity. Only when this foundation is established, we can create high-quality designs that will connect with your target audience. The investment of time and money will be well worth it when your design truly resonates with your ideal client.


1. Discovery

When you contact us with a project, we’ll email a branding questionnaire form to you. This will help us to better understand your business and its needs. Once we receive the completed form, we will contact you by your preferred method of communication (phone, Skype, or even in person if you are in New York City). We’ll discuss the scope of the project as well as the timeline, goals, and so on. When we have all of the relevant information and clarification from you, we will send you a proposal and agreement.

When you decide to work with us, we ask for a 50% deposit via check or PayPal. The balance is due upon completion of the project.

2. Research

This is where the fun begins.

To make sure we understand your target audience, we ask you to collect images that reflect your preferences and vision. This includes colors, style, or any other visual images that inspire you in some way. This will be shared with us on a Private Pinterest board.

At the same time, we start researching your competitors, industry, marketplace, and visual images that are needed for the project.

With all of the information that you provided along with our own findings, we’ll create a mood board with the relevant images and color palette for your brand. The mood board helps us to stay on the same page with you and ensures that your preferences are part of the process.


3. Concept Development & Design

This is where everything comes together. We take all that we’ve learned about your company and your target audience and turn that into an image that accurately reflects who you are. We sketch out our ideas and draft them on a computer. We will come up with a couple of the best options for you to choose from.



4. Review & Refinement

We will send you a PDF file with the proposed designs. We ask you to review it and provide feedback with a couple of revisions. We will refine your logo design to ensure that it meets all the objectives of the project and that you are happy with the results. This process of refinements (such as scale, font, balance, and color) is important to produce quality work.


5. Approval & Delivery

Once you’ve approved the designs, it’s time to show off the results! We’ll send files to you with the new logo formatted for both web and print.

The logo design process usually takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

When the logo design is completed, we’ll create a brand style guide to keep your brand consistent across all of your brand identity collateral including stationery, website, print and digital design.